How To Get A Bigger Penis Quickly And Naturally

Do you want to learn how to get a bigger penis? Have you considered trying a natural penis exercise. Most men who want to have a better sex life dream off adding 2 inches of girth to their penis. Theyve been told all their life that women enjoy a bigger penis. While this may not necessarily affect your relationships, many men want a bigger penis to improve their self esteem, which in turn affects their quality of life. While most advertisements indicate that pills or surgery are the ways hot to get a bigger penis. The best way is actually through natural penis exercises. Here are some tips to giving y our lover what she wants.

To begin with, consider trying kegel exercises. When most people talk about getting a bigger penis, what they really are talking about is exercising your muscles in the penis so that they get bigger. The truth is that you cannot make a huge difference in length but you can do a lot that affects its size. To begin with, by making your penis muscles stronger, you add to its natural level of girth. Just like arm exercises make your arms wider, so natural penis exercises will affect your penis girth. Secondly, penis exercises help increase the flow of blood in the corpora cavernosa. What this means is that you will experience harder and longer lasting erections that you might experience otherwise. I would recommend natural penis exercises because they affect your endurance and help you last longer in bed. The reason is that you are also exercising penis muscles that control when you come and how easily you can keep it up, and believe me when I say that those matter a lot more than just getting a bigger size.

A second thing to realize is that other factors affect a womans enjoyment more than just having a bigger penis. We are usually told that your woman will prefer a lover that had a bigger penis. What people do not tell you is that this is usually for psychological reasons. Those added 2 inches of girth simply provide her with a sense of dominance, but physically her vagina would adjust to just any size. Similarly most women do not dream of a bigger penis as much as a man who will ravish her or who will pleasure her in multiple ways. During sex having a longer penis is mainly a convenience. For example, the deepest spot for most women is usually a few inches in, You should be able to hit it with any regular size. The added length simply makes it easier to hit it in any direction. Even if you do not have a huge penis, one thing that does make a big difference to her is the size of your erection. Women want to know that they are really turning you on. When your erection gives you a bigger penis, she is going to feel some satisfaction in knowing that she caused that.

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