How to know if escort is a cop

Regardless how good you may like to party or to enjoy your life, everything will not be worth it if you end up going to the jail. It is important to know how you can understand when the escort you are hiring is a police officer in real life.

The cops pose themselves as undercover cop and you may patronize them without knowing who you are really dealing with.

  • She is in hurry

Working girls will want to get your money and nothing else. They are going to take all their time as far as they know they will get money in the end. Police officer who poses as escort, they will be trying to arrest many people and they do not want to take a long period talking to people.

  • She is too good

The police try to attract a good number of men and they will not do so by using unattractive person. If you see that a woman is too attractive than the average woman you may have seen before, then it means that the person may be a cop.

  • She is not using drugs

If an escort refuses to take part in anything you may be using even if it is mild, then it is possible that, that woman is a cop. However, you should also be aware of what may happen after that since you will have given drug to that cop.

  • She talks about money

Most escorts will say that the cash is a donation, or they say that the amounts of the dollar are kisses or roses. If the escort is talking about the money, then you have to know that she may not be who she says she is.

  • She cannot be naked

A police officer will not be willing to get her clothes off. The escort may believe that her action will help her to make money, so she will not worry about it.

She tells you that she does not work as a cop: keep in mind that she is not breaking any law even if she lies to you. Escorting is not illegal and you will be given adult entertainment such as strip tease and lap dance. You will not find any site where it is said that escorts offer sex since this is something illegal.

You can also look for the women you like in the online ads and not at Craigslist. The ad will be having some disclaimer that you pay for the company of a woman but not to have sex. When you see an ad and you like it, then read the reviews about that woman. She will also on her turn do her best to screen you to ensure that you are not a freak or a cop out to get her. She does not talk about sex anywhere, but you will still get what you are paying for. However, if you want to avoid a cop posing as an escort, you will have to use common sense.

However, when you get Las Vegas escort girl from Tinder Vegas, you will be assured that you are not dealing with a cop.

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